Math Challenge Workbook Series

Challenging puzzles that encourage critical thinking to determine patterns and visualize mathematics outside of the standard format. We want to know, how many challenges can YOU complete?

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About the Series

The Math Challenge workbook series provides students with over 30 full color pages of math puzzles, riddles, and challenges to stimulate the critical thinking skills of young learners. Designed for grades 3-6, Math Challenge encourages the use of logic as well as pattern and fact recognition to solve slightly complex puzzles. Students can even create their own challenging problems!

Great for a daily warm-up or regular skill maintenance! Try a Math Challenge puzzle today!

Math Challenge #1:
ISBN: 978-0-9905149-5-4
Price: $9.95

Math Challenge #2:
ISBN: 978-0-9905149-6-1
Price: $9.95

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