Do you have an idea for an amazing workbook?


If you have a great idea for an education-based workbook but need help designing and publishing, we can help you!

InSTEP Education Publishing is looking for new authors to publish! We can develop a digital packet ready for download or paperback workbook, it’s your choice.

You write it, we design and publish – it’s really that simple!


You are the author! When you submit original content to InSTEP created either by yourself or as a group, you (or the group) are the author(s) and will receive full credit as such.

As the publisher, InSTEP will edit, customize, and design your work to be ready for final publication.

Definitely! Remember, this is your work. Authors who partner with us sell their work successfully on websites like,, or individual sites and blogs.

You can choose to create a digital version or physical paperback workbook... The sky's the limit!

Absolutely! We strongly believe teachers produce the best classroom materials, and want to encourage you to create great works!

If you have been or currently are a certified educator, you can receive a 20% discount!

*Please note, we will require your teaching certificate information for verification.

We offer high-quality publishing services at competitive pricing. You can produce a 25 page workbook (digital copy) for as little as $175 (educator pricing: $140).

With this one-time fee, you become a published author of education materials and can sell your work as often as you wish.

We also offer smaller and larger workbook sizes. Please view our full pricing page for additional details.

Save 50% on Your Service

We appreciate repeat business! Every 3rd workbook you choose to publish with InSTEP will receive a special 50% discount! That's right, we will take half off your highest service order!

Earn Royalties

You have the opportunity to earn additional royalties when we sell your work online or in our printed catalog for schools.

Get in Touch!

If you have questions, or would like more information on our services, please contact us at (214) 628-0003, or by email: