Are you looking to develop just a few pages of educational material (worksheets or PowerPoint presentations)?


We will create small document packets for you to use with students, share with friends, or sell online, for just $10 a page (or $30 for PPT presentation).

If you need to create a document with more than 4 pages, view our Create My Workbook page.

You write it, we design and publish – it’s really that simple!


Yes, this option is provided for short, single-paged documents. The maximum pages per document is 4, and the maximum slides per PowerPoint presentation is 25.

If you need to create a larger document, please view our Create My Workbook page.

Definitely! Remember, this is your work. Authors who partner with us sell their work successfully on websites like,, or individual sites and blogs.

Unfortunately, not on this service. However, educators are provided a 20% discount on our full workbook service options. Take a look!

Typically most documents and presentations are completed within 5 business days.

If you anticipate needing a rush on your documents, please contact us directly.

We "Spruce Up" Your Work

The design of your learning material is highly important for topic interest and engagement - let us help you bring out the best in your materials! Whether worksheets or presentations, we use superior graphics and custom animations to bring your work alive!

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